For Future Architects

Whether you are considering the profession as a vocation or working toward an architecture degree, a license, or an established career, the AIA can help. Below are resources and opportunities that are of particular relevance to the architects of tomorrow.

Aspiring Architect Scholarship Opportunities

AIA Charlotte received a Component Scholarship Matching Grant of $1000 from AIA National to help support the UNC Charlotte School of Architecture scholarship program. AIA Charlotte provides $4000 in academic scholarships annually to UNC Charlotte School of Architecture. Details on applying for the scholarship through the UNC Charlotte scholarship portal can be found here.

National Associates Committee

Since 2000, the National Associates Committee has been dedicated to representing and advocating for Associates, both mainstream and non-traditional, in the national, regional, state, and local components of the AIA. By promoting excellence, providing information and leadership, fostering inclusiveness and encouraging individual, community and professional development, the NAC strives to integrate the growing Associates community of the profession into a strong voice within the American Institute of Architects. The NAC Executive Board of Directors, as well as Regional Associate Directors in the eighteen AIA Regions, represents the voice of AIA Associate members across the country.

Young Architects Forum

The Young Architects Forum (YAF), a program of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the College of Fellows (COF), is organized to address issues of particular importance to recently licensed architects. 

Architectural Experience Program

The Architectural Experience Program (AXP) structures the multiyear transition from architecture student to licensed professional. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) sets the program's criteria and monitors it across the country. To learn more about the program, see the NCARB AXP Overview

Emerging Professional's Companion

The Emerging Professional's Companion is a online resource developed by the AIA and NCARB primarily for use by interns in gaining AXP credit. The Companion can also be used by educators, young architects, AIA components, and firms in a variety of ways to enhance or create new learning opportunities.

ARE Support

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Become an AIA member and instantly expand your support network by almost 80,000 colleagues--a valuable professional resource to draw upon, and a powerful, collective voice to advocate for a stronger economic climate for architects nationwide.

AIA membership is an essential investment in your own future at every stage of your career. 


The AIA acknowledges the importance of mentoring in the AIA Code of Ethics where members are encouraged to "nurture their fellow professionals as they progress through stages of their career, beginning with professional education in the academy, progressing through internship, and continuing throughout their career." Mentors play a critical role in NCARB's Architectural Experience Program (AXP), as these individuals help developing architects review and reflect on their work. 

Learn the latest information on the NCARB ARE Home Page. Begin the process by reviewing the materials the provided by NCARB, the developers of the exam:

Resources for Interns and Architects
Describes the NCARB organization, services, procedures, and examinations. Also outlines requirements for certification, AXP training requirements, and certification requirements for architects. View all free publications available from NCARB.