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Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) candidates will be able to schedule remote-proctored appointments in mid-November 2020. 

The online proctored exam scheduler will launch November 16 meaning candidates will be able to begin testing as soon as November 17. As test center closures and limited availability continue to impact candidates' licensure progress, this new option will provide flexibility to take the exam in a location of the candidates' choice. NCARB will continue to share information regarding online proctoring as soon as it becomes available. Below are a few initial details you may find useful:
  • Expected Monday, November 16, 2020, candidates can schedule remote-proctored appointments through their NCARB Record.
  • Candidates can still test in-person at Prometric test centers.
  • The ARE content and division structure will not change.
  • Aspects of the exam's delivery are being updated for both in-person and remote administrations to increase exam security and provide a more efficient experience.
  • More information about exam delivery changes will be released in mid-September.
  • We expect to release updated ARE Guidelines, ARE Handbook, and a new demo exam in October.
  • These changes will maintain the exam's rigor, while providing candidates with greater flexibility and accessibility.
  • In summer 2021, NCARB will switch to a new test administration vendor, PSI, for both in-person and remote testing.

Guide to Online Proctoring and ARE 5.0

The following are core changes to ARE 5.0 that all candidates should understand. For more information on each of these changes--as well as additional changes--please download our Guide to Online Proctoring and ARE 5.0.

  • Items per division will be reduced. Each ARE 5.0 division will feature 15-20 fewer items compared to the current exam. This change continues NCARB's efforts to make the licensure process more efficient while ensuring the rigor of the exam is maintained.
  • Test duration per division adjusted slightly. Changes to the number of items per division will not have a significant impact on exam timing as candidates are being given more time per item on each division and more break time per division.
  • Optional break time expanded. Candidates' optional break time will be expanded to 30 or 45 minutes, depending on the division. In addition, candidates will be able to use this time for multiple short breaks or one long break during their appointment.
  • Previously viewed items locked when a break is taken. Candidates will be able to review any previously viewed items before they take a break. Upon returning from a break, candidates will be unable to review items seen prior to a break. Those items will be locked for the duration of the test appointment.
  • NCARB will set new cut scores. Because the number of scored items is changing, NCARB will have to set a new cut score for each ARE division. This is expected to take approximately four weeks, candidate score reports will not be released until after the cut score is set. This process allows NCARB to ensure that the new cut score is appropriately equal in nature to the current passing standard.
  • Digital whiteboard will replace physical scratch paper. Candidates will still be able to take notes, outline potential solutions, and more using an online whiteboard option.
Active Participants Pass Rate = 85-90%

Hello associate architects and fellow associate AIA members,

AIA Charlotte is welcoming any interested associate members to join the study group! Working in ARE 5.0, this year's study groups will go above and beyond to conquer the last hurdle to becoming a licensed architect. Join a group that will help you accomplish your goals through peer collaboration and mentorship!

The ARE Study Group helps to motivate aspiring architects to study together and pass all six  exams! Since motivation only gets you so far, the study group offers study guides and tips on what materials are most helpful for each exam. There are also specialized workshops with local professionals for each exam to help debunk some of the more difficult ARE topics.

The Study Group currently has over 35 participants and hopes to keep growing! Those 35-plus are broken up into groups of 5 to 8. The group meets weekly as a large group and some groups meet twice a week, especially when they have an exam coming up. The best part of the study group is being able to support each other throughout the testing process. Pass or fail (though our study guides are favoring passes) the group's focus is to make sure you stick with your studying and get through your exams!

Members of the groups will receive the following benefits:
  • Weekly peer study sessions
  • Study guides for each exam
  • Workshops from experienced mentors
  • Tips on where to find free resources online
  • Study and work in a group to keep that momentum going
Contact Ashlan Jones at for more information.

NCARB Resources


We recommend the following exam order:

  1. Practice Management
  2. Project Management
  3. Construction and Evaluation
  4. Programming and Analysis
  5. Project Planning and Design
  6. Project Development and Documentation

and overlapping certain exams is highly recommended:
PcM / PjM / CE go together well
PPD / PDD go together well

Updated ARE 5.0 outline study guides coming soon.

Disclaimer: Outline study guides are suggestions and best practices. Reading Ballast first helps introduce you to all the information, while AHPP takes you deeper into the material. You can always choose one or the other; AHPP has been the best to use material-wise. Supplemental audio resources can help you passively study.  Best practice: go through flash cards after reading the material first.



As of October 1, 2018 ARE 5.0 is referencing the newest versions of the AIA Contract Documents and the 2015 International Building Code--which you can download for free online. The ARE will continue to address the standard agreements previously identified. Candidates should expect to see additional questions related to the following contracts:
  • A133-2009: Owner-Construction Manager as Constructor Agreement
  • A195-2008: Owner-Contractor Agreement for Integrated Project Delivery
  • A295-2008: General Conditions of the Contract for Integrated Project Delivery
  • B195-2008: Owner-Architect Agreement for Integrated Project Deliver

Sample Documents Referenced in the ARE found on here.

ARE 4.0 Retirement FAQ's

Now that the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) 4.0 has retired, you may be wondering what happens next. Whether you've been planning your transition to ARE 5.0 for a long time or you're just getting familiar with the new exam, here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions.