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Active Participants Pass Rate = 85-90%

Hello associate architects and fellow associate AIA members,

AIA Charlotte has purchased a group package with Black Spectacles, which is available for our members use. Black Spectacles provides premier ARE Study  material including study guides, practice exams, video lectures, and flash cards. Members must be scheduled to take an exam.

Contact Kristin Locke for details on gaining login credentials to Black Spectacles.

AIA Charlotte is welcoming any interested associate members to join the study group! Working in ARE 5.0, this year's study groups will go above and beyond to conquer the last hurdle to becoming a licensed architect. Join a group that will help you accomplish your goals through peer collaboration and mentorship!

The ARE Study Group helps to motivate aspiring architects to study together and pass all six  exams! Since motivation only gets you so far, the study group offers study guides and tips on what materials are most helpful for each exam. There are also specialized workshops with local professionals for each exam to help debunk some of the more difficult ARE topics.

The Study Group currently has over 35 participants and hopes to keep growing! Those 35-plus are broken up into groups of 5 to 8. The group meets weekly as a large group and some groups meet twice a week, especially when they have an exam coming up. The best part of the study group is being able to support each other throughout the testing process. Pass or fail (though our study guides are favoring passes) the group's focus is to make sure you stick with your studying and get through your exams!

Members of the groups will receive the following benefits:
  • Weekly peer study sessions
  • Study guides for each exam
  • Workshops from experienced mentors
  • Tips on where to find free resources online
Monday January 23rd - AIA Charlotte ARE study Group 2023 Introductory Meeting 5:00pm

Weekly Study Schedule:
Monday 7:30pm -PDD
Tuesday 7:30pm -CE
Wednesday 7:30pm -PA
Thursday 7:30pm -PPD
Saturday 8:00am -PDD/PPD
               10:00am -PA
               12:00pm -PJM/PCM/CE
Sunday 7:00pm -PDD
CLICK HERE for study group access. 

Monday January 30th AIA Charlotte PCM /PJM Workshop Introductory Meeting 7:30pm-9:30pm

Feb 6th - March 27th PCM/PJM Workshop every Monday 7:30pm 9:00pm

Monday April 3rd AIA Charlotte CE Workshop Introductory Meeting

April 10 May 22 CE Workshop every Monday 7:30pm 9:00pm

Saturday, June 3 Associate Member Summer Social (tentative)

Contact Kristin Locke for more information.

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As of October 1, 2018 ARE 5.0 is referencing the newest versions of the AIA Contract Documents and the 2015 International Building Code--which you can download for free online. The ARE will continue to address the standard agreements previously identified. Candidates should expect to see additional questions related to the following contracts:
  • A133-2009: Owner-Construction Manager as Constructor Agreement
  • A195-2008: Owner-Contractor Agreement for Integrated Project Delivery
  • A295-2008: General Conditions of the Contract for Integrated Project Delivery
  • B195-2008: Owner-Architect Agreement for Integrated Project Deliver
Sample Documents Referenced in the ARE found on here.