Transfer Membership

Members may request a transfer of membership to another chapter at any time as long as their residence or place of business is within the territory of the new chapter. A chapter transfer must be initiated by a request from the member and a transfer request form must be filled out. Click here for a printable transfer form.

A member will not be required to pay dues to both the old and new component in a single year. If the member has paid any current-year dues, the dues belong to the previous state/local components. Membership Services will transfer the member to the new chapter, but the further payment of dues (if partially paid) will remain at the old chapter. Subsequent statements will be mailed as described previously, and payments will be applied to the old chapter.

If the member has paid nothing in the current year, the year's dues will belong to the new state/local components and will be computed at the rates of the new component(s). A new invoice will be generated and mailed to the member upon receipt of the transfer request to complete the transfer process.

If the member has not paid anything and requests transfer AFTER March 31, full dues will be owed to the new state/local component and reactivation rules will apply. When the transfer is processed in Membership Services, a new invoice will be generated reflecting the new chapter's dues.