YAF Leadership Program

Purpose and Description

The core purpose of the program is to support young architects in Charlotte with programming that addresses professional advancement within the profession as well as in the community.

The objective of the YAF Leadership program is two-fold.
  1. Identify and develop Young Architects as leaders in the profession. Provide programs that develop their leadership abilities and their confidence to step into leadership positions within their profession, their community and within the AIA leadership structure.
  2. Connect Young Architects to the civic components in the public sphere. Architects are under-represented on public advisory boards, non-profit and institutional boards, as well as civic leadership in City and County Government. This program would provide the opportunity for Young Architects to be motivated and inspired to pursue leadership opportunities in the public sphere.
The program is envisioned as a monthly session over a period of 8-9 months.  These sessions will vary from 1-2 hrs based on the program and the participants. Leadership sessions are grouped into three categories
  • Personal Leadership
  • Professional Leadership
  • Community Leadership

Expected Participation & Audience
The YAF leadership program expects to identify and develop 12-15 Young Architects in this program. Participation is limited to AIA Charlotte members who have been licensed 10 years or less. We encourage individuals who are close to licensure to also apply.

Leadership Program Committee