Mentorship Exchange

The Mentorship Exchange typically holds kickoff meetings in spring and fall. Visit the AIA Charlotte events calendar to find upcoming events.

Founded by the AIA Charlotte board to address a pressing need in the Charlotte community, the Mentorship Exchange welcomes and actively seeks to encourage students, graduate, emerging professionals, and architects of all levels to participate in career and development programming.



This program is for architects at all levels. This multi-model mentorship program departs from the traditional pairing of a 'mentor' and 'mentee'; rather, participants are grouped in such a way to reflect various stages of one's career path as an architect. Targeted group composition includes senior and mid-level professionals, newly licensed professionals, intern architects, and students, with a max grouping from four to six people.

The aim of the program is to acknowledge that development is cross generational and experiential. The objective of the group composition is address the challenges professionals face at various stages the career path today: from starting out in the profession, keeping up to date with recent changes in the Intern Development Program, the rigors of the Architect Registration Examination process, emergence/prevalence and dependence of new technologies, social networking platforms and software, as well as typical elements such as dealing with clients, contractors, negotiating payment and starting a business. The program seeks to create a network for participants where development, mentorship and guidance can be fostered.