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Architects in the Classroom

The American Institute of Architects believes that the art and science of architecture, when integrated into K-12 core curricula and community college course offerings, enhances the students' understanding of the built environment, encourages them to think creatively and critically about livable communities and appreciate the impact on the quality of life.

For examples of lessons provided to classrooms, please view the following PDFs. These lessons were developed by Sabrina L. Tucker, AIA and Mark A. Humienny, AIA.     

Lesson Plans

Resources for bringing Architecture into your classroom


Features elementary-level explanations of the seven categories of building types and components, from the everyday to the extraordinary.


Site with building and construction books for children, from New Yankee Workshop for Children to MacAulay publications.

Box City - CUBE - Kansas City

Ginny Graves, an Honorary Member of the American Institute of Architects for her work with children and founder of CUBE, continues to produce outstanding curriculum and activities, including Box City and Walk Around the Block, for all age groups.

Math and Architecture

A link to websites with activities for teaching math. A place to exchange information about the teaching of Architecture and Design. Teach interdisciplinary, hands-on, real world math through architecture and design projects. K-12 resources, K-8 classes, professional development, and advice on where to begin.

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