Modernism + Film | Mario Botta | The Space Beyond

When: 01/21/2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Mario Botta | The Space Beyond is a rare, in-depth artistic journey into the work of internationally acclaimed Swiss Architect Mario Botta. The film explores Botta's ever growing curiosity and reflections on the contractions of society, through his sacred spaces, a subject very dear to him. Why does globalized society feel the urge to build such spaces ? The directors traveled to China, South Korea, Israel, Italy and Switzerland to discover a passionate and tireless Artist, his buildings and part of his creative process. Botta is one of the few Architects who has built places of prayers for three main monotheistic religion. After building many churches, chapels and synagogue, he is now projecting a mosque in China. Through his thoughts and his interaction with artists, colleagues, clients and family members, the viewers have a glimpse of the man behind the Architect.

View the trailer of Mario Botta | The Space Beyond here.