Discovery Place

As part of the Discovery Place Science Youth Development Program, the architectural inclusion portion sponsored by AIA Charlotte is targeted on design thinking and process.  Through a combination of lecture series, panel discussions and projects, students will participate in activities focused on critical thinking, creative solutions, and collaborative design -- all of which will expose them to architecture as a discipline.   More details of the program can be found on the Discovery Place website.

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Session are located at Discovery Place typically at 5PM:
December 10th, 2019     |    February 6th, 2020     |     April 8th, 2020
Supports teen volunteers in their future academic and career aspirations by providing additional development opportunities.

The Program

The program consists of three, two hour sessions, which can be built independent of each other while unified by the goals and learning objectives.

Each two hour session shall incorporate a component of introductory lecture paired with an activity as defined by the Facilitators' own syllabi.

Facilitators and students will have access to all Discovery Place Science resources and spaces to execute and exhibit their work.

Documenting student work shall be the responsibility of the Facilitator.  This material may be used for promotional or portfolio purposes.

Session dates have been established as December 10th, 2019, February 6th, 2020 and April 8th, 2020.  Classes will typically begin at 5:00 pm.

Scheduled Sessions

  • Productivity/The Language of Coding (From Block to Java Script) (App competition)
  • Improv and the Health Sciences
  • Mini STEM Career Fair
  • College Career Sequence: Mindfulness/Recreation and Relaxation


  • Expose high school students to design as a profession
  • Motivate students to engage in design thinking
  • Identify the skills necessary to becoming an architect

Learning Objectives

  • Explain what design is and why it matters
  • Describe how design plays a role in the world
  • Consider how design thinking is important
  • Identify how design thinking can be applied
  • Explain what an architect does
  • Evaluate how is architecture different than engineering
  • Apply the skills necessary to become an architect