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Legislative Summary Updates 3
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Bills of Interest - Senate

02/03/2015 02/04/2015 Chamber1: Comm SRUL  
Gunn (R24) — An Act to Clarify When a County or Municipality May Enact Zoning Ordinances Related to Design and Aesthetic Controls.

03/02/2015 03/03/2015 Chamber1: Comm SRUL  
Tarte (R41) — An Act to Allow the Formation of a Professional Corporation Providing Engineering Services in Accordance with Chapter 89c of the General Statutes by a Nonlicensed Person and to Allow a Nonlicensed Incorporator, Officer, Director, or Employee of a Professional Corporation Providing Engineering Services in Accordance with Chapter 89c of the General Statutes to Own Shares of the Stock of the Corporation.

03/09/2015 03/18/2015 Chamber1: Rep Comm SFIN  
An Act to Reenact the Rehabilitation Tax Credits.
03/12/2015 03/16/2015 Chamber1: Comm SRUL  
Woodard (D22) — An Act to Amend Article 19 of Chapter 160a of the General Statutes to Alter Qualification Requirements for Zoning Protest Petitions.
03/12/2015 03/23/2015 Chamber1: Rep Comm SFIN  
Hartsell (R36) — An Act to Enact a Historic Preservation Tax Credit.
03/17/2015 03/18/2015 Chamber1: Comm SRUL  
Wells (R42) — An Act to Restore Majority Rule to Municipal Zoning Ordinance Amendments by Repeal of the Qualified Protest Petition Process.
03/17/2015 03/24/2015 Chamber1: Rep Comm SRUL  
Brown, H. (R6) — An Act to Exempt from Property Tax the Increase in Value of Real Property Held for Sale by a Builder, to the Extent the Increase is Attributable to Subdivision or Improvements by the Builder.

03/18/2015 03/19/2015 Chamber1: Comm SRUL  
Brock (R34) — An Act to Reform Building Code Enforcement to Promote Economic Growth by Conforming Work in Progress Inspection Authority to Recently Enacted Inspection Limitations, by Requiring the Building Code Council to Study the Alternate Methods Approval Process, by Clarifying the Definition of Official Misconduct for Code Officials, by Eliminating Mandatory Plan Review for Residential Structures, by Raising the Threshold for Requirement of a Building Permit, by Creating the Building Code Council Residential Code Committee, by Requiring Internet Posting of Certain Council Decisions and Interpretations, by Clarifying that Inspection Fees Collected by Cities and Counties May Only be Used to Support the Inspection Department, and by Requiring that Inspections be Performed in Full and in a Timely Manner and Inspection Reports to Include All Items Failing to Meet Code Requirements.
03/18/2015 03/19/2015 Chamber1: Comm SRUL  
Davis, D. (D5) — An Act to Extend the Tax Credit for Renewable Energy Property.
03/18/2015 03/25/2015 Chamber1: Rep Comm SEDU  
McInnis (R25) — An Act to Amend the Law Regarding Change Orders on School Construction Projects.
03/25/2015 03/30/2015 Chamber1: Rep Comm SSLG  
Rucho (R39) — An Act to Authorize Local Governments to Appropriate Money for Historic Rehabilitation and to Clarify and Standardize the Requirements for Appropriating Funds for Local Economic Development.
03/26/2015 03/30/2015 Chamber1: Comm SRUL  
Brock (R34) — An Act to Encourage and Increase Energy Efficiency in North Carolina by Removing Certain Caps and Limits in the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards.

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