2021 Service Award Nominations

The Citizen Architect Award recognizes the work of architects who serve as elected or appointed officials, public administrators or institutional leaders and establish and contribute to the development of laws, regulations, policies or initiatives that promote excellence in architecture.

The S. Scott Ferebee Service Award recognizes the work of architects who, by their skill, professionalism, dedication, ability and commitment, and/or volunteer contributions have consistently advanced the common goals of AIA Charlotte.

The Laurel Award is to recognize individuals, firms or organizations outside the profession who have made significant contributions to the improvement of the region’s built environment.  Contributions may include, but are not limited to, advancement or development of laws, regulations, policies or initiatives that promote excellence in architecture; the commissioning of notable additions to the built environment; or activities that raise the public’s consciousness of the importance of excellent design in the shaping of our world and culture. 

The Emerging Professional of the Year award, established in 2013, recognizes an individual Associate AIA member or an AIA Architect member who has been registered 10 years or less who exemplifies the highest qualities of leadership and who has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to their AIA Component or region, to the design and construction industry, to the community, and/or to other professional organizations.

The Firm Award of the Year, established in 2013, is to recognize notable achievements in design, community service, education, and service to the profession and the AIA by an architectural firm. Projects, accomplishments, and service submitted must reflect a period of at least 10 years.

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