The Pandemic Effect - Architecture after Covid-19

When: 12/7/2023 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
UNC Charlotte Dubois Center
320 E 9th St, Charlotte, NC 28202
The Pandemic Effect: Architecture after Covid

Join us for a series of presentations and panel discussion about the effects of Covid 19 on architectural practice and the world of design and construction at large featuring local and national experts. Inspired by Director of the SOA Blaine Brownell's book, "The Pandemic Effect." This event is 3 HSW CEUs.

Dec 7,  UNC Charlotte Dubois Center, 1 - 5 pm

Detailed Schedule:

1:00-1:45 pm Intro and Keynote: The Pandemic Effect by Blaine Brownell
1:45-2:45 pm Session 1: Understanding Contexts: Sara Jensen Carr and Liz McCormick
2:45-3:00 pm Break
3:00-4:00 pm Session 2: Methods and systems: Traci Rider and Mona Azarbayjani
4:00-5:00 pm Panel discussion: Understanding Health in the Built Environment
5:00-6:00 pm Reception


Blaine Brownell - The Pandemic Effect
Blaine Brownell is Professor and Director of the David R. Ravin School of Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and an architect and researcher of emergent materials and applications. Brownell's new book, "The Pandemic Effect"  (released in 2023) examines the role of the built environment in both the spread and the mitigation of infectious disease historically, currently, and in the future.

Session 1: Understanding Contexts

Sara Jensen Carr - Miasma, Germs, Behavior: How Wellness and Illness Shaped American Cities
Sara Jensen Carr: Associate Professor of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape and Associate Director, School of Architecture, College of Arts, Media and Design, Northeastern University.
Sara Jensen Carr is a registered architect, urban designer, and scholar whose research focuses on the connections between urban landscape, human health, and social equity. Her award-winning book, The Topography of Wellness: How Health and Disease Shaped the American Urban Landscape, was published in 2021.

Liz McCormick -  Air Conditioning: The Social Machine
McCormick is a licensed architect, educator, and researcher whose work explores healthy, climatically sensitive, and contextually appropriate building design strategies that connect occupants to the outdoors while also reducing the dependence on mechanical conditioning technologies. She is currently working on her first book, Inside OUT (Routledge), which brings together a multi-disciplinary group of experts of the indoors, including scientists, anthropologists, engineers and architects, to discuss the future of human habitation with a dominant focus on human health in a post-pandemic world. 

Session 2: Methods and Systems

Traci Rider - Health Equity and the Built Environment
Dr. Traci Rose Rider is Associate Professor of Architecture and University Faculty Scholar at North Carolina State University's College of Design. Her research focuses on how the built environment can increase positive health outcomes, framing the built environment as a health intervention. She has three books that address green building guidelines, green materials, and building for well-being. She teaches courses focusing on sustainability and beyond, addressing existing buildings and operations, the WELL Building Standard, and the Living Building Challenge.

Mona Azarbayjani - AI Thermal Comfort Imaging
Professor Mona Azarbayjani is the Graduate Program Director at the David R. Ravin School of Architecture at UNC Charlotte. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and joined UNC Charlotte in 2010. Her research focuses on energy analytics, high-performance and healthy buildings, and user-centered design with new technologies. Dr. Azarbayjani's research examines integrated systems between physical, computational, and human physiological parameters and quantifies human and environmental health through funded research.

List of Attendees

First Name Last Name Company Type Guest of
Mona Azarbayjani UNC Charlotte UNC Charlotte Faculty
Carol Bacon ADW Architects AIA Charlotte member
Amelia Brown Gensler AIA Charlotte member
Blaine Brownell UNC Charlotte AIA Charlotte member
Adam Dailey Little Diversified Non-Member
Sara Jensen Carr Northeast University School of Architecture Non-Member
John Kincheloe LS3P AIA Charlotte member
Marc Manack SILO AR+D PLLC AIA Charlotte member
Liz McCormick UNC Charlotte AIA Charlotte member
Rachel Nilson CPL Architects and Engineers AIA Charlotte member
Pedro Pinera Little AIA Charlotte member
Traci Rider NC State College of Design Non-Member
Kate Shelton AIA Charlotte AIA Charlotte member
Chuck Travis Housing Studio PA AIA Charlotte member
Janice Travis Housing Studio PA Non-Member
Toby Witte Wittehaus AIA Charlotte member
Paul Woody Paul Woody Architect AIA Charlotte member