Coloring Book Design Charette

When: 5/22/2022 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Freedom Park, Large Shelton #3
1900 East Boulevard

The Coloring Book is a new, collaborative outreach project benefiting Levine Children's Hospital through the Arts for Life NC organization. Every year, LCH treats 4,000 pediatric patients from 47 states and across the world, many of whom never see anything more of Charlotte than the very limited view from their room's window. Arts for Life is an art therapy organization that provides programming and art supplies for these patients, especially at the critical moment of patient intake when parents and patients are stressed, scared, and in an unfamiliar environment. Throughout the pandemic, group projects and access to programs in the hospital have been limited or entirely discontinued.

The goal of the Coloring Book is to provide Arts for Life with new resources to supplement their current supplies, and at the same time bring the young and vulnerable visitors to our bright city a "fantastical" view of their new host city. We are asking our architecture community to come together during a series of design charettes over this summer to sketch iconic views of our city, it's skyline, and it's major attractions, but with a twist. To bring levity and engage the imaginations of these young patients, we are looking for representations of Charlotte that include "fantastical" elements spaceships, dragons, superheroes...whatever strikes you during your creative process. We are seeking drawings and sketches that are simple, with broader lines, for the youngest pediatric patients, as well as more complex and detailed sketches to engage the teenage patient population as well.

Not a sketcher? That's okay. We are also seeking donations from individuals and firms to help support the printing costs for the thousands of copies of the coloring books that will be produced, as well as the purchase of crayons and markers to donate to Arts for Life. We hope you will consider supporting this worthy effort and contribute your time, skills, and imagination to helping us create a more fantastical least on paper.

List of Attendees

First Name Last Name Company Type Guest of
Janet Brooks Barton Malow Builders Guest
Tarik Hameed Morris-Berg Architects AIA Charlotte Member
Jana Hartenstine MPS AIA Charlotte Member
Kristen Locke Architecture Unlimited, PLLC AIA Charlotte Member
Asa Santa Cruz BDG Architects AIA Charlotte Member
Kevin Utsey Clark Nexsen AIA Charlotte Member