The Ascent - Milwaukee | Presentation

When: 2/17/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

List of Attendees

First Name Last Name Company Type Guest of
Dallas Abee Dallas C. Abee Architect AIA AIA Member
Charles Allen self AIA Member
Matthew Allen Watson Tate Savory AIA Member
Brandon Allison School Guest
josh allison josh allison architecture AIA Member
Richard Alsop J Richard Alsop, Architect PLLC AIA Member
Carol Bacon ADW Architects, P.A. AIA Member
Ketki Bapat University of North Carolina at Charlotte Guest
Scott Barber McCulloch England Associates Architects AIA Member
James Bartl retired AIA Member
Gene Bell Watson Tate Savory AIA Member
Taylor Bishal Clark Nexsen AIA Member
Dawn Blobaum Retired AIA Member
Christina Booher Axiom Architecture Guest
Rob Buckanavage Boomerang Design AIA Member
Thomas Carlson-Reddig Litrle AIA Member
Joshua Coates LS3P AIA Member
Paul Coats American Wood Council Guest
Joan Dalton Grad Student UNCC Guest
William Davenport South End Architecture AIA Member
Ryan Day BB+M Architects AIA Member
Tyler DeJong University of North Carolina - Charlotte Guest
Catherine Demmitt BSA LIfeStructures AIA Member
Chad Elly UNC Charlotte Guest
Steve Engelhardt Scope Architectural Consulting, PLLC AIA Member
Mohammad Fasahat University of North Carolina at Charlotte Guest
Brian Ferrell UNC Charlotte Guest
Neill Fortune Fortune Architects AIA Member
Ingrid Fullerton LS3P AIA Member
Christopher Grech University of Malta Guest
Kenneth Grooms Shook Kelley AIA Member
Sandra Grzemski Clark Nexsen AIA Member
Jana Hartenstine Watson Tate Savory Charlotte AIA Member
Matt Hickey Clark Nexsen Guest
Steve Jester Duke Energy AIA Member
Jessica Kiser University of North Carolina AIA Member
Lori Koch American Wood Council Guest
Kari Lanning Mecklenburg County Guest
Charles Leaf Watts Leaf Architects AIA Member
Bruce Lindsey Wood Products Council Guest
David Loy LS3P AIA Member
Kent Main Charlotte Planning AIA Member
John Manoharan Retired AIA Member
Matthew Marflake UNC Charlotte Guest
Patrick Mays DS AIA Member
Scott McGehee KDH Residential Design Guest
Dean McKenzie C Design AIA Member
joseph meyer ia-interior architects AIA Member
Becky Miller Mecklenburg County AFM AIA Member
John Miller Retired AIA Member
Catherine Monroe Housing Studio AIA Member
Chris Muryn Shook Kelley AIA Member
Prisca Musa UNC Charlotte AIA Member
Mitch Newbold Watson Tate Savory AIA Member
Hoa Nguyen UNC Charlotte Guest
Linda Nolan UNC Charlotte Guest
Steve Onxley Onxley Architecture AIA Member
Scott Pesta Mecklenburg County Guest
Charles Reed LS3P AIA Member
Michael Romot Clark Nexsen AIA Member
Carey Sikes BB+M Architecture AIA Member
Christina Slotkowski Clark Nexsen AIA Member
Jeff Smith Stanley D. Lindsey and Assoc., Ltd. Guest
Byard Stevens Oldcastle APG Adams AIA Member
David Thaddeus UNC Charlotte School of Architecture AIA Member
Charles Travis Housing Studio, PA AIA Member
Charles Travis, III Housing Studio, PA AIA Member
Bryan Turner Mecklenburg County AIA Member
Jeff Vernon Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement Guest
Cheryl Walker Cheryl C Walker, FAIA, Architect AIA Member
Kathryn Warren UNC Charlotte AIA Member
Callie Watson UNCC AIA Member
Marcie Weeber American Wood Council Guest
Kenneth Whelchel Kenneth E. Whelchel Architect AIA Member
Toby Witte Wittehaus AIA Member
Peter Wong UNCCharlotte Guest