Mentorship Exchange : Post Grad - Career paths in Architecture 

When: 11/29/2023 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Storrs Hall (UNC Charlotte)
9115 Mary Alexander Road, Charlotte, NC 28262

So you have a degree in architecture - now what? 

Our group will explore the many options of career paths that one might pursue with a degree in architecture and use local AIA member's career paths over time to show the wide range of career opportunities an architectural education provides. 

Following the presentation and Q+A we will have a networking activity. 

Food will be provided. 

List of Attendees

First Name Last Name Company Type Guest of
Thomas Allegretto Uncc AIA Member
Abby Anderson The Beck Group AIA Member
Megan Angel UNC Charlotte Guest
Anna Anklin Sonic Automotive AIA Member
Cameron Avery UNC Charlotte Guest
Ethan Bolton SoA Guest
Savannah Cherry UNC Charlotte Guest
Rachel Chew UNC Charlotte Guest
Garrett De Mars Redline Design Group AIA Member
Frank DeBolt Gensler AIA Member
Ash El Saleh Uncc AIA Member
Joel Fudge UNC Charlotte Guest
Yanet Galicia Non Guest
Zane Gray C Design AIA Member
Victoria Hicks SoA AIA Member
Divina Jones Jenkins-Peer Architects AIA Member
Elana Jones UNCC Architecture Student Guest
Arwin Lentz SoA Guest
DeAndre Lewis Freelancer Guest
Sydney Ly UNC Charlotte Guest
Brooke Malka UNC Charlotte Guest
Amanda Marais SoA Guest
Nina Merritt UNC Charlotte Guest Bella Swanson
Olivia Meyer UNCC Guest
Abigail Mitchell Unc charlotte Guest
Meg Mitchell Little Guest
Alex Montgomery SoA Guest
Barah Musa UNC Charlotte Guest
Marshall Parvin UNC Charlotte Guest
Jillian Pendleton SoA Guest Victoria Hicks
Michael Romot Clark Nexsen AIA Member
Constance Sartor UNC Charlotte Guest
Karmyn Sessoms UNC Charlotte Guest
Andrew St. John SoA Guest
Bella Swanson UNC Charlotte Guest
Test Test Test Guest
Cara Welker UNC Charlotte Guest
Leah West UNC Charlotte Guest