Lunch 'n Learn: Preventing Floorclovering Failures Through Integrated Design

When: 12/15/2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
615 S. College St., Suite 1600

"Preventing Floorcovering Failures Through Integrated Design" 

Interior finish elements such as the floorcovering system have a great impact on the final aesthetics of a structure and the ultimate satisfaction of your client.  Floorcovering specification sections often do not address the compatibility of the chosen flooring system, the type of application and intended service use.  In this course we will look at common types of application and installation failures, how to identify these and prevent these all-to-common occurrences.  We will discuss published installation standards for the various flooring types, the role of concrete moisture on installation failures, as well as the most common manufacturing defects.  The goal will be to strengthen each attendee's understanding of the 03 and 09 sections of the specifications with a truly integrated design.  If you have experienced floorcovering challenges, during the selection process, during the installation phase or after the completion of the projects, this upbeat, fast-paced discussion will directly benefit you on future projects.  Equally important for the structural engineer because of the fact that concrete slab moisture issues must be addressed first.  The interior designer will often be the first to be contacted when flooring fails.  This will be an integral part of the discussion and greatly benefit finish selection as well.

ISE Logik will provide one meal to a Charlotte charity for each person in attendance!

List of Attendees

First Name Last Name Company Type Guest of
Quade Gallagher UNC Facilities Planning and Design Guest
Becky Miller Mecklenburg County AIA Charlotte Member
Shannon Rydell Little AIA Charlotte Member
Kkkjvvv Vbggg Raney Archite Guest